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I wrote it on my knees.  I wanted every word to be from the Holy Spirit.  This quote describes the way I write:
     "Never go to the computer until
            you've been to the Throne Room.
            If you want your words to make an
            impact, write when you're dripping
        with the 
                    oil of God's Anointing."
             Melanie Hemry quote, from article "Pen Of A Ready Writer" by Ronald C. Jordan.
                                            Believer's Voice Of Victory magazine, September 2017

 Windows On His World  props open the windows of Heaven so wide that people reading it will have an encounter with God.  In this book God is so real He cannot be denied - the reader steps into His presence.

This book is a progression of individual windows that have been part of Dora Hagge's Christian Journey.  Through easy to read stories that are anchored in the Word, the reader will gain valuable insight into God's ways and purposes, and learn how to apply the Word of God to every day life.

God's love for one of His children becomes a river where many can drink and be restored.  Windows On His World  is a book to be savored for many a season.
"In this book Dora takes us visually and verbally into God's world.  The Scriptures and stories come alive through the words God has given her and the paintings He has inspired her to bring to life.  You will find insight, strength, joy, and spiritual encouragement as you look through Windows On His World."
Pastor Tony Anderson
Senior Pastor, North Shore Assembly of God
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