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      Windows On His World
              By Dora Hagge, KA

Publisher:  Yorkshire Publishing

Paperback:      $19.95
328 Pages
6 1/2 x 6 1/2

When Dora Hagge accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior a new season began.  Adventures with the Lord became a daily occurrence. This book is literally a window.  As she sits at the Lord's feet and listens, rivers of light cascade forth from the Father of Light in both her writing and her paintings.  That light splashes across the pages giving life to an inside view rarely seen of an intimate personal relationship with the Lord. 

There are 14 paintings reproduced throughout the book. The stories about how God gave them and guided the painting process comes to life in the beautiful, striking black and white images.  The paintings may be viewed in color by clicking on Home, then on Artist Site, and when you are on the Artist Site - click on Painting Gallery.  
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About The Author   

Dora Hagge is passionate about living-the-Word.  She taught a Bible Study from 2002 until 2021 when the Lord made a course change directing her to write more books and paint more.  Bible study and prayer are the foundation of her life.  The Lord gives her paintings and directs the painting process.  She is a Signature Member of the American Artists Professional League in New York City.  They have presented her the Fellow Maxima Cum Laude Award.  Her paintings have been juried into many exhibit-ions in New York City including The American Artist Professional League 61st Grand National Exhibition in which she received their top watercolor award, the AAPL Award for Watercolor.  She is an Elected Signature Artist of Knickerbocker Artists New York and has the privilege of signing KA after her name.  She has taught watercolor workshops across the country since 1980.
She and her husband, Jerry, live in Hastings, Nebraska. 

​   Dora Hagge AAPL, KA
                                     . . . Author & Artist
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